The Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus (TNWPC), a multi-partisan organization, affiliated with the National Women’s Political Caucus, endorses Megan Barry for Mayor of Nashville.

Deidre Malone is the president of the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus. “We take our endorsement process very seriously. Megan Barry has shown the political will to make the needed changes in Nashville and we encourage our members to support her and help her secure a resounding victory on Election Day.” Female candidates in the Nashville Mayoral race participated in responding to a questionnaire from our organization.

The TNWPC strongly encourages women to seek public office, whether elected or appointed, and our membership is comprised of distinguished women who are involved in all aspects of government and business. Our organization promotes full and equal participation of women in government and the political process and supports measures to open economic and political opportunities for women and Megan Barry stands for these principles. She is also a member of the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus.